Saturday, August 11, 2007


okay , first of all , hii peoplee!

I'm invitedd by the owner of this blog to contribute some post.
so here i am, starting off with a lil.

hiiii, again! I'm anaaaabeeeeeel yeee! :D

I'm Anabel.
and this is me.

I'm Anabel.
and this is the 3 year old Ana.

I'm Anabel.
and I'm messy,still am.

I'm Anabel.
and i'm ahhhnnoyingg. :p

I'm Anabel.
and i'm a lil retarded.

I'm Anabel.
and i write my stories on papers,
to remind people of my timid times.
(well, its actually english essay)

I'm Anabel.
and i love acting cute always.
( when i'm not at all. :/ )

oh, and i camwhore. =)

andd, lastly but not least, i'm shure i would have fun bloogingg here. toodles!

Those Days.