Sunday, August 19, 2007


oh he's finally 16 :)
he has a thing for football, a huuuge thing.
he is one heck of a great football player.
he's a fan of ManU,
he loves manchester united as much as he loves his mom.
he's really smart.
he's reaaaaally taaallll too.
he's super shy.
he's my texting buddy :)
he has the best shoulders to cry on.
he's the best listener in the universe.
he has really really deeeep low voice.
he's hawt, he thinks so :D
he thinks 19 is an awesome number,
of course, i think so too.
he has a gorgeous phone, very very gorgeous indeed!
he complains alot :)
he likes cheesecakes.
*omg. this could never end.*
and last but not least,
he gossips :)

okay lah.
he's gotta be feeling so honoured and priviledged, aight.

Those Days.