Sunday, August 12, 2007

2nd post of the day!


So yeah, i'd arrived at 2-ish. And i had to register to be a member to enter the library or else, they'll kick you out without giving you any chance to give excuses. Ah, why so strict one? They weren't like that last year okay :) You could just walk right in, and the guard wouldn't even bother to look. Ah well, things changeee.

Uhm. And did i mention that the registration fees was 16 bucks? Tsk tsk. I felt like i'd threw 16 bucks into the sea/ocean/drain. 16 bucks is alot for me lah okaay :) S'okaay, Anahh didn't come because she'd rather hang out at the mall then at this dirty old libraary. oh, Ewey and Shuj was there to teman me. No wait, Shuj and I was there to teman Kong!

Kong went there at about 10-ish in the morning. Haha :) poor you. Hmm, oh and WeiSheng, i'm sure he loves today as much as he loves any other day with girlfriend :) Haaa, I'm so gonna tell his mommy. oops! Oh, and i saw Kenny, Sheng Jun and some Form5s. Shaun wasn't there. Smarty pants! Ooh, i want their brains. Haa, don't mind meh.

Football Season has officially started.
Which means, dad-dee will be hugging the tv every night when his favourite teams are involved.
Then, mommay and sis wouldn't be watching the tube.
Which means, they'll have nothing to do.
And that's the time, when they're after me, nagging and checking on me.

and bestfriend's watching the ManU match right now.
Haaaa :D

'i'm tireeeed.'

Those Days.