Tuesday, July 31, 2007

when there's nothing else.

tears ain't gonna erase them all.
maybe, i overreacted.
but then again, i need to find the reason.
aaaaaah well.
im so used to moan at Mr.AdrianTayy. Gah.
why did you have to go to SriKL? :(

Chop. Sooo, the guys were reallly really really lame. They did lame stuff and they were debating/arguing about something, couldnt remember. Well, that actually brought a huge smile and the next minute, i was laughing again. :) But the laughters lasted for a short period of time. :( currently talking to donkey. gosh, i'm really sorry, gee, the amount of sighs.

"We don't do stuff like we used to anymore.
We don't gossip like we used to nomore.
Conversations don't start naturally.
And yeah, it sucks."

Those Days.